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How Not to Do Christmas, Surgery, and Recovery. Or Maybe How You Should Do It. I Can't Decide.

Last week I had sinus surgery. The week before that I was diagnosed with pneumonia.
This made things interesting.
To try and sum it up as neatly and simply as possible, the surgery was something I have wanted to do for years. I finally have health insurance that would cover the surgery for me with almost nothing out of my pocket. (With my old insurance I would've had to pay close to $8000 out of pocket for the surgery.) It was important that I get the surgery in 2013 before my employer-provided health care plan changes in 2014 to meet ObamaCare requirements, and I suddenly would have to pay more for the surgery. (I will never understand how ObamaCare helps anyone. I'm just screwed every which way with it!)
But I digress. Getting sick out of the blue, and getting severely sick so suddenly, complicated things a bit. The surgery was tentative right up until the moment I arrived at the surgical center and got cleared.
The surgery itself was fairly simple, textbook, nothing big. I…

So I went to Las Vegas and saw Clay Walker, and all you got was this little blog post.

The story starts out like this-
a few day before Thanksgiving I saw a post on Twitter by Clay Walker (one of my absolute all time country music singers) saying "retweet this to win free concert tickets and meet and greet passes." Knowing absolutely nothing beyond that, I retweeted it. I didn't know when or where the concert was, or even when the contest ended.
Thirty minutes later I got the notification that I won!
Turns out I won 2 meet and greet tickets, 2 nights at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and 2 tickets to a Clay Walker concert (also in the Venetian).
For the very next week!
A few phone calls to BFF Jules, and some Christmas present hints about plane tickets to my generous parents, and boom! I was on my way to Vegas.
Being a fairly seasoned and smart traveler, I booked my flights via Dallas. Because when flying in December, always fly through Denver instead of Chicago, right?
Famous last words.
Due to snowstorms and ice storms in nearly every city except Wash…

eShakti is having another sale!

Just because I love you so much, I thought I'd let you know eShakti is having another 2 for 1 sale! With free shipping!

You can still get a custom fit, made with sleeves or without sleeves, altered to fit your heart's desire, adorable dress in time for New Year's!

(You know you want to! Go buy one now!)

Here's the dress I'm in love with today- the Colorblock Collar Dot Print Dress.
Since the fun and point of these dresses is having it custom fit to your preferences, I would have it made to fit my body measurements perfectly, add short sleeves or cap sleeves, and make it knee length.
I wouldn't get it for New Year's though. Mostly and only because I have no New Year's plans. I would just get this dress because I love it.
Although if I had a reason to wear a fancy dress on New Year's, I'd probably get this one, the beaded tulle overlayer dress. But I'd add elbow length sleeves and make it a boatneck.


It's one of those glorious and infrequent, quiet, boring, Saturday afternoons.
There's a wee bit of snowing outside. Just enough to convince me to stay home and not drive anywhere. The roads will inevitably be slushy and icy. And besides, I have no place to go.
And so I sit on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, watching Christmas movies. And napping. And wasting time online.
I am having sinus surgery in 9 days. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to the pain and recovery. But I am looking forward to a future without constant sinus headaches, congestion, etc. To prep for the surgery I can't take any painkillers, allergy meds, decongestants, etc. for 10 days prior. I'm about 48 hours into the drug-free period. And I'm miserable.
Without the handful of pills I take every day to combat constant congestion, sore throats, etc., I am sick as a dog. I had forgotten just how bad it can be. It's a good way to help remind me why I need and want th…


I know I am way behind on blogging lately, and have many fun things to share (like the awesome trip to Vegas). But I'm mostly in denial and refusing to spend time with my laptop. 8 hours of screen time at work is enough, ya know?

But I discovered this today, and I'm in love with it enough to make mocking pictures of myself.

You can play with it here -

Christmas Specials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the holiday shopping season upon us, it is time for me to add my own little sales to the mix. (Plus, it has been a while since I reminded the world that I wrote some books!)

What sounds like a good deal? A coupon code to get a discount on an e-book from Smashwords?
I can do that- get 50% off "You Heard It Here First" on Smashwords with code XD69B. (Smashwords sells e-books for Nook, Kindle, iPads, and people who don't have e-readers. Very compatible with everything.)

How about getting The Agency for FREE between Wed, Dec 4- Sat, Dec 8? Just click the big FREE link.

Are you just not an e-book person? No worries! You can always get "You Heard It Here First" and the sequel, "This Just In!" in paperback. You can always buy them (paperback or ebook) off Amazon or OR for a much better deal, buy direct! In other words, buy from me, and not only will you get them for $3 less than Amazon (in other words $7), but they will autographe…

save me from myself

I'm at my wit's end with my upstairs neighbors. It isn't their fault, so I don't take my frustrations out on them.
I hear every little footstep they make. All of them.
I hear when they sit down.
I can tell when they step into their micro-sized kitchen (where I wish they would go more often) because I can't hear them walk in there.
I can tell when they step into their shower.
I can (I kid you not) hear them roll over in bed!
But like I said, it isn't their fault. They aren't elephants and they don't stomp around heavy-footed.
Instead, the problem (according to the landlord, maintenance, and others) is that carpeting was put down over old parquet flooring. And the flooring has now come loose from whatever goes below the parquet. The neighbors don't hear it, because it is muffled to them by the padding and carpeting.
But down here? Under all of that?
Holy hannah, you have never heard such an annoying sound. Every single step they make …

Relationships, or something like that.

As per custom, it is Sunday night, and I'm sitting around depressed thinking about men and relationships.
Here's a little scenario I've been mulling about in my mind-
A few weeks ago I had a strange experience. I went to a ward party where I was the invisible woman. I tried to talk to a few people, and spent a few minutes with one good guy friend. I noticed while he and I were standing up and talking that a line of girls formed up nearby. Nothing formal. Not a straight line. But little smatterings of girls here and there all watching us talk.
After a few minutes it hit me that they were all lining up politely, waiting for their chance to talk to this guy. He's one of the good ones- good job, good looking, good personality. I have no doubt that there are several girls with unrequited crushes on him.
I teased him about it, and he denied it. But it was obvious to me what was happening. The odds were about 8 girls to every guy. And that's just how it works- …