Tuesday, December 17, 2013

eShakti is having another sale!

Just because I love you so much, I thought I'd let you know eShakti is having another 2 for 1 sale! With free shipping!

You can still get a custom fit, made with sleeves or without sleeves, altered to fit your heart's desire, adorable dress in time for New Year's!

(You know you want to! Go buy one now!)

Here's the dress I'm in love with today- the Colorblock Collar Dot Print Dress.
Since the fun and point of these dresses is having it custom fit to your preferences, I would have it made to fit my body measurements perfectly, add short sleeves or cap sleeves, and make it knee length.
I wouldn't get it for New Year's though. Mostly and only because I have no New Year's plans. I would just get this dress because I love it.
Although if I had a reason to wear a fancy dress on New Year's, I'd probably get this one, the beaded tulle overlayer dress. But I'd add elbow length sleeves and make it a boatneck.

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