Saturday, December 14, 2013


It's one of those glorious and infrequent, quiet, boring, Saturday afternoons.
There's a wee bit of snowing outside. Just enough to convince me to stay home and not drive anywhere. The roads will inevitably be slushy and icy. And besides, I have no place to go.
And so I sit on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, watching Christmas movies. And napping. And wasting time online.
I am having sinus surgery in 9 days. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to the pain and recovery. But I am looking forward to a future without constant sinus headaches, congestion, etc. To prep for the surgery I can't take any painkillers, allergy meds, decongestants, etc. for 10 days prior. I'm about 48 hours into the drug-free period. And I'm miserable.
Without the handful of pills I take every day to combat constant congestion, sore throats, etc., I am sick as a dog. I had forgotten just how bad it can be. It's a good way to help remind me why I need and want this surgery! So bring it on! I'm ready for it! I just have to endure this week of congested misery first.
I also got good-ish news from my landlord this week.
As previously mentioned, I've been dealing with some really inconvenient and loud noises from my neighbors. The landlord sent a bunch of people to check out the noises both down here and up in the neighbor's place. It was deemed not just to be noisy and annoying, but an actual structural safety problem. In other words, a much bigger problem than noise.
I was told they (the landlord) would have to replace the entire floor upstairs and possibly parts of my ceiling. I've been waiting to hear when the work would take place, but haven't had a specific answer. I've been worried that the work might take place during the days I'm trying to recover from surgery. Can you imagine anything worse than recovering from sinus surgery while there is incessant hammering and banging above you? (It's only a little bit worse than the thought of recovering from the surgery and having to hear the ridiculous ceiling creeks and squeaks upstairs.)
I finally found out yesterday that I will be spared any and all extra misery! My landlord is moving my upstairs neighbors out on Monday. I don't know any of the specifics at all- is the landlord paying? Is it a temporary relocation? Are the neighbors happy or furious? Was their lease up anyway? Are they moving within the complex? I'm curious to know the details, just to know if I inadvertently caused a whole lot of inconveniences and misery for other people. That was certainly never my intention. But I reckon it probably all had to be done regardless of my complaints once the safety problems were discovered.
The second part of the good news is that not only are they moving out, but the floor work won't be done for several more weeks yet. It hasn't even been scheduled, and probably won't happen until sometime in 2014. So there won't be anyone above me! No noise!! It's a Christmas Sinus Surgery Miracle!
And bonus, there won't be any noise up there for the bulk of my drug-free, congested period either!
Am I slightly crazy for getting this excited over sinus congestion and loud neighbors?
Trust me, if you were in my shoes right now, you wouldn't think this was overreacting.
Yep, this is what my life has come down to. Snot.
Sigh... I think I need more hot chocolate...

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