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This Hypo-Allergenic Life

Last week I mentioned the multitude of things that were recommended to me by my doctor to rid my home of allergens.
It cost me a small fortune, but I bought everything, and slowly this week I've been putting them into place. Applying the carpet stuff seemed very easy, and it was. However, vacuuming it back up caused a series of problems, starting with a dust cloud so thick I had to open windows and turn on a fan.
I didn't have a lot of faith that it was going to work. But after cleaning the carpets, washing the dog, washing all of my clothes and linens, and putting up the vent guards, it finally hit me today- I haven't sneezed once. I haven't taken one decongestant. I haven't had a headache. I've felt just fine. I'd even go so far as to say I think this must be what normal people feel like every day.
It's pretty nice not being slightly uncomfortable and miserable all day long. I could get used to this.
But I won't get to.
Not for long anyway.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Today was one of the reasons that God/man invented the power bar.

I've often said that if you want me to get one thing done, give me ten things to do. If you only give me one thing, it will never get done.
Give me ten things to do, and I'll finish eleven by lunch, plus have time for a Diet Dr Pepper break.
That's just how I roll.

Or better yet, that's just how I juggle.

Things I did today-
Organize/sell tickets for the big "Saratov Approach" premiere in DC on Thursday. (only a few left till we sell out!)
Found a venue for the awesome Mindy Gledhill to play in DC! (Monday, March 10- it's happening people!)
Arranged for the "Saratov Approach" to show at SVU!
Realized I should promote the Mindy gig at the Saratov gig.
Bought an awesome present for my nephew
Discovered and took advantage of Amazon Local. (And will get a massage for $30 as a result.)
Bought tickets to see the Dalai Lama speak.
My regular full-time job, where I was a firehose of prod…

Life's Little Instruction Book for Single Women

(reprinted from Meridian Magazine, November 2010) Growing up I was taught all sorts of lessons about the real world- assuming that the real world was a place where I would grow up to get married and have children. But no one ever taught me any lessons about what would happen if the ideal real world didn't pan out for me. No one ever prepared me for a world where I might not ever get married, and instead might find myself single and living alone for the rest of my life. In other words, in spite of a lot of preparation for the future, I woke up one day and found myself woefully unprepared for the future I am living.
I remember little life lessons handed down from the women above me that included things like, “Someday when you have a husband you'll ...” or “When you are a mom you will understand.” Or one of my favorites, “When you get married your priorities will change.” No one ever handed out advice that included, “When you are in your thirties and all alone, you…

eShakti Saturday

eShakti has a whole bunch of new dresses this week. That's what I love about them most- if you don't like the stock this week, give it a few days and they change over to new stuff!
I'm in love with this cute little navy, coral, and polka dot dress. It's not entirely office appropriate, but since I have a casual dress office, I can wear it if I want to. And I could definitely wear it to church. If I were the kind of girl who wears fun girly dresses just to leave the house (and sometimes I am, especially in the summer), I'd wear this all the time.
(I would give it short sleeves, make it knee length (as shown is just below knee), and keep the neckline.)
Go take a look at all their new dresses and skirts and tell me which one you want!


A day or so ago I visited my sinus doctor and allergist for some allergy testing. This is the third time I've had allergy testing in my adult life. (These things change over time and different regions have different allergens.) In the words of the doctor, I'm "healing like a champ" from my sinus surgery last month. However, I'm congested and snotty all over again. Why? I'm allergic to everything.
No, seriously, you should see the results of my allergy testing. On a scale of 3-12 (don't ask me why it's 3-12, and not something more logical), I registered a 12 on cats, dogs, horses, dust, mold, and pretty much all trees that grow in Virginia. I was a mere 11 for grasses. Everything else on the test I came up as a 9 or 10.
In other words, I'm allergic to everything. It's rather ridiculous. And since insurance doesn't cover living in a bubble, and life happens outside the bubble, I have to take other measures if I want to spend just one day of…

How the Sexual Revolution Killed the Common Date

Reprinted from Meridian Magazine, March 2011. 

Recently a story called “Sex is Cheap” ran on the popular news magazine Essentially the premise was that while women are gaining more independence, power in business, and making more money, that they are losing control in pre-marital relationships. In short, because women gained power and equality, men lost power in every place except in romantic relationships, which is to women's detriment.
It used to be that men had to work to find a good woman. In previous generations, men didn't meet women at work or at school. They had to try harder to find and woo a woman. There was competition for good women. But now, women are everywhere, and a man doesn't have to even leave his house to meet a woman (because he can find them online.) In short, men do not have to work to find a woman. And, as compared to previous generations, there are now more women than men. Its just not that hard to find women anymore.
The …

Fitting in When You’re a Single Square Peg in a Round Hole Made for Two.

Reprinted from Meridian Magazine January 2011. 

It isn't easy to sit down every other week and come up with something to say to thousands of invisible other singles. Are you out there? Can you hear me? Sometimes it is hard to know if anyone is listening or cares. And yet, I sit down and do my best week after week.
In my estimation, I have written over 100 articles for Meridian over the past eight years. Of which approximately 99 were about singles, dating, and single life. Of those 99, 98 were written specifically to the singles.
But two weeks ago, for the first time ever, I wrote to everyone else. To the Not Singles. I said some very blunt, straight-forward, and direct things, trying as hard as I could to remain emotionless and polite about it. The responses did not surprise me one bit. The sheer number of responses did surprise me, but not what was in them.
Except for one thing.
Out of 105 responses (as of the night I wrote this column), just about 80% of the people m…

The Saratov Approach Washington DC Premiere

Washington, DC Premiere of "The Saratov Approach," Thursday, January 30th, 7:15 pmBallston Common Regal Theaters 671 N. Glebe Rd
Arlington, Virginia22203This one night, exclusive showing will include a Q&A session with the film's director, Garrett Batty.

THE SARATOV APPROACH is the extraordinary, untold story of Elders Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst and their week-long abduction in Saratov, Russia.
On what seemed like any other day during their two-year LDS missions, Elders Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst are approached by Nikolai to meet a friend. But then the missionaries experience the unimaginable -- kidnapped, beaten, and held for ransom for nearly a week -- on the other side of the world in Saratov, Russia. While their family, friends and the world pray for their safe return, Tuttle and Propst are tested physically, emotionally and most of all -- spiritually.


eShakti Saturday

A few years ago I was invited out to a girlfriend's birthday party. She made one request of her guests- that the girls all wear "little red dresses." She said that everyone should have a little red dress for parties (not just little black dresses). I didn't really take her seriously because the thought had never occurred to me to have a little red dress. But I did have a dozen little party dresses, so I went in a cute little gray dress.
Before long I felt pretty stupid.
That was when and how I discovered that most (single) women do have a fun little red party dress.
Here's the evidence-

eShakti is here to save you from my embarrassment with a Valentine's Day sale! Lots of red dresses!
Here are 2 of my favorites-
This top one is the Hailey dress, which of course you can customize and modify for just $7.50 to add sleeves, change the neckline, shorten or lengthen the hem. Doesn't it just look like a fun dancing dress? The dress deserves a fun, sexy date to …

Being Single is Not a Curse!

Reprint of an article posted in Meridian Magazine from July 2010. Today I took a long walk in the woods with my dog. It was a beautiful and perfect afternoon. I brought my camera and a book and made myself comfortable on a bench for a few hours. It really was lovely. But I can't say "it was all I could have wanted,” because as I sat there on the bench, overlooking a beautiful valley, basking in my personal perfect day, all I could think about was how much I wanted there to be a special someone sitting beside me. How I longed for a meaningful conversation with a special someone. How if the right person were beside me I could put my head on his shoulder, and hold his hand, and just gaze on that view forever. But the bench was empty beside me. I'm single. Very single. And there are many days when I wonder if there will ever be a special someone to sit beside me again. There are days when I question what I did to deserve to be single. Is this punishment for some sin I have co…

How to Plan Activities for Singles over 30 (So They’ll Come and Not Resent You)

I don't like day old-zucchini bread, but I bought some anyway. Felt a special kinship to it because it's cheap, stale and never has any dates. Question of the day- is it possible to plan activities for singles over 30 that they will actually enjoy, attend, and not roll their eyes at the mere suggestion of? Answer- sometimes, but not usually. Let’s dive in. It is not easy to plan activities for singles over 30. Even more so, it is hard to plan activities that they will actually enjoy and want to attend.  Why? Because one size does not fit all. The larger the age span amongst the singles, the harder it is to include and entertain everyone. Add in all of the demographics and you’ll find it is impossible to please the masses. Some of the demographics include: Divorced? Never married? Widowed? Still bitter over the divorce? Do they have children at home? With their former spouse? In another state? Are they toddlers or high schoolers? Are they grandparents? Careers? Doctors? Bus dri…

eShakti Saturday

Maybe I should start making eShakti posts a regular thing? I shall call them "eSkakti Saturdays.

This week I'm in love with this "feminine floral dress"-

Feminine, modest, and a flattering cut (on any figure once you have it custom-fit).
Since my favorite part about eShakti is customizing it to my figure and my tastes, I would change the sleeves to "short sleeves." (The sleeve shown is called a "dolman cap sleeve." For me, this is an incredibly unflattering sleeve. While modest enough to cover the Mormon essentials, it cuts off right before the fatty part of my arm, and makes my arms look much flabbier than they actually are. The traditional "cap sleeve," is tricky with many shirts and dresses. It can be more comfortable than typical short sleeves because it is cut lower under the arm improving ventilation and arm movement. Unfortunately, the undercut tends to not cover the Mormon essentials, and on some women shows a good portion of t…

So Why Aren't You Married Yet?

When I was 20 years old dating seemed pretty straight forward. I met a guy, smiled, flirted, chatted a bit, and maybe spent a few extra minutes after a church activity alone with him in the parking lot so that he could ask for my number. He would ask, I would share, and within a week or two we would go on a date. After two or three dates he would either make a move or he would stop calling. There was not a lot of guesswork involved. I think this is what most of my married friends think dating still entails. But trust me folks, as much as I wish it was that simple, it isn’t. Now I find I have to know a man for several months, talking, flirting, etc, and then still have to tell him, “I’d like to go to dinner with you sometime.” Even then, he doesn’t always get the point. But what has really changed about dating is the questions I get. This is an issue I never saw coming. Somewhere after my thirtieth birthday men started asking me, “So why haven’t you ever been married?” With the implic…

Feelings, so many feelings.

I'm tempted tonight to sit around and whine and complain on here. I'm trying to convince myself that I won't, but I see by the fact that I'm typing, I'm about to lose my internal battle with self. The angel on the right shoulder is saying, "Don't say it! Don't do it!" The devil on the left is whispering, "You deserve to vent!"

Decisions, decisions.

Devil it is.

Like the rest of the U.S., I'm feeling compelled to complain about the weather and comment on just how bitterly cold it is out there. But my two cents is just a little different from everyone else.
I just had sinus surgery. And lemme tell you, if I had had a crystal ball and could have seen that bitter cold temps were coming just a few days after my surgery (which granted was in December, and sure that should have been more obvious), I may have delayed a few more weeks. Or not. I did what I did when I did based on insurance deductibles. (That was a lot of unintentional a…

What should we do with the singles?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What should we do with the singles?"

One way to "help" the LDS singles is to ask whether or not the Single Adult program in your area is helping single church members "choose the good part." Not too many years ago, Elder Marvin J. Ashton encouraged everyone, particularly the women, to "choose the good part."

Many single adult programs are set up to serve as a "meet market." This thwarts the purpose of helping the participants choose the better part. Just like all other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, singles are faced with the challenge of living life fully, richly, and joyfully. The only difference between singles and the rest of the Church is that singles must learn to do it alone.

In a family centered church, where it is expected that happiness depends upon a family and spouse, singles frequently feel as if they are not supposed to feel happiness or joy in their situation. O…