Saturday, January 11, 2014

eShakti Saturday

Maybe I should start making eShakti posts a regular thing? I shall call them "eSkakti Saturdays.

This week I'm in love with this "feminine floral dress"-

Feminine, modest, and a flattering cut (on any figure once you have it custom-fit).
Since my favorite part about eShakti is customizing it to my figure and my tastes, I would change the sleeves to "short sleeves." (The sleeve shown is called a "dolman cap sleeve." For me, this is an incredibly unflattering sleeve. While modest enough to cover the Mormon essentials, it cuts off right before the fatty part of my arm, and makes my arms look much flabbier than they actually are. The traditional "cap sleeve," is tricky with many shirts and dresses. It can be more comfortable than typical short sleeves because it is cut lower under the arm improving ventilation and arm movement. Unfortunately, the undercut tends to not cover the Mormon essentials, and on some women shows a good portion of the bra. But they are very cute, which makes it very frustrating!) I think I would keep the neckline as is. Making it a wide scoop or deeper V would just mean having to wear a slip under it to keep from showing off too much cleavage. And while I think the boat neck would be adorable on it, it wouldn't be adorable on my large chest (and tends to not cover the Mormon essentials). The style shown is considered to be below the knee. I would raise the hem to "at the knee."

I also love this cute yellow dress-

I love yellow, and I don't think I look too bad in some shades of it. But I do tend to stand out quite a bit in yellow. It's hard to not be seen with long blonde hair and an all yellow dress on. I would love to wear a dress like this for Easter or in the summer though. Maybe this year I will get up the guts to try.
As for customizing it, I would make the hem knee-length (shown: below the knee), and change the set-in cap sleeves to short sleeves. I love the sweetheart neckline, so I would keep it. If it is too low to cover the essentials, I'll just wear a slip or cami under it. Or maybe change it to a wide V, since that tends to work better with a slip/cami.

eSkakti has more than just dresses. There are also skirts, shirts, and now jackets. I'm trying to wear more professional clothing to work. (That whole "dress for the job you want" theory.) The problem with this is that most people associate professional clothing with wearing jackets. I hate wearing jackets. Suit coats or jackets are pretty much the bane of my existence. I'm short-waisted, so they never fall at the right place (the waist of the jacket always hitting around my wide hips), and the slim shoulders/large chest thing is never a good combo, and I hate it when my elbows feel constricted. All of which makes wearing jackets pretty much miserable.
Which is why I'd like to try eShakti jackets since I can get it custom fit. If the results are as I anticipate, it would be worth every penny.

I think this jacket is pretty cute and versatile. I wouldn't change anything, except to get the custom fit measurements on it.

eShakti is having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale right now. OR Buy 1, Get 25% off. And there is a 40% off Winter Clearance Sale in progress. 

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