Saturday, January 25, 2014

eShakti Saturday

eShakti has a whole bunch of new dresses this week. That's what I love about them most- if you don't like the stock this week, give it a few days and they change over to new stuff!
I'm in love with this cute little navy, coral, and polka dot dress. It's not entirely office appropriate, but since I have a casual dress office, I can wear it if I want to. And I could definitely wear it to church. If I were the kind of girl who wears fun girly dresses just to leave the house (and sometimes I am, especially in the summer), I'd wear this all the time.
(I would give it short sleeves, make it knee length (as shown is just below knee), and keep the neckline.)

Go take a look at all their new dresses and skirts and tell me which one you want!

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