Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Feelings, so many feelings.

What a bottle of Martinelli's looks like when chilled in a car to 7 degrees.

I'm tempted tonight to sit around and whine and complain on here. I'm trying to convince myself that I won't, but I see by the fact that I'm typing, I'm about to lose my internal battle with self. The angel on the right shoulder is saying, "Don't say it! Don't do it!" The devil on the left is whispering, "You deserve to vent!"

Decisions, decisions.

Devil it is.

Like the rest of the U.S., I'm feeling compelled to complain about the weather and comment on just how bitterly cold it is out there. But my two cents is just a little different from everyone else.
I just had sinus surgery. And lemme tell you, if I had had a crystal ball and could have seen that bitter cold temps were coming just a few days after my surgery (which granted was in December, and sure that should have been more obvious), I may have delayed a few more weeks. Or not. I did what I did when I did based on insurance deductibles. (That was a lot of unintentional alliteration.) Bitter cold temps on freshly scraped sinuses is not a pleasant feelings! At all! And for someone like me who is prone to nosebleeds on cold, dry days to start with, and the condition is exasperated by sinus surgery, all I'm saying is today was a bloody long day.

As for the other things I feel the urge to whine/complain/vent about, one would be my job. The non-specific entity on my right shoulder is trying to remind me that the "honeymoon is over" and that's why I'm so irritated. The non-specific entity on the left shoulder doesn't care, it's just tired of being underemployed. I've been underemployed in this position since the start. It was always going to be a fairly easy job to do. (Minus dealing with personalities- which has been my biggest learning curve. This place has some doozies, and they don't seem to know it.) Some changes were made recently that inadvertently took some of my responsibilities away. Now not only is my work too easy to do, I don't have enough work to fill the day. I've been trying to create new work to keep myself busy, useful, and needed, but certain other persons have made it difficult to succeed. (See: personalities- doozies.) Which tells me it's time to find some tactful and proper ways to handle this situation with certain other persons. Unfortunately, past history has never been kind in this area. I fear it.

Remember the ongoing drama with my landlord and neighbor(s) regarding the professional pogo stick jumping upstairs? Last I heard the pogo stick jumpers were supposed to move out before Christmas. But that never seemed to happen. However, the neighbors did go on a long trip for Christmas, which helped me maintain sanity quite a bit. But they are back and the noise is as frustrating as ever.

Today I happened to see my landlord. Before I even got the chance to ask what's going on up there, she told me. Apparently the landlord really is forcing (very nicely) the person(s) out. The person's lease isn't up until March, but the landlord is making them leave before then in order to get the necessary repairs made. But apparently the neighbor is not making it easy, which is completely within that person's right to do so.

It occurs to me that the neighbor is in an odd position. The noise isn't heard up there as bad as it is down here. There is a safety concern, but not a major one. S/he doesn't really have to worry about falling through the floor. There will likely be plenty of warning before that happens. Moving is not fun or easy, and is a major life disruption. So yeah, they probably don't want to deal with it. Can't say I blame them.

Which brings me back to the need for a tactful and polite conversation - this time with a person(s) I've never seen or met. I have wanted to avoid the confrontation for as long as possible. But right now my entire wall is shaking because the pogo stick jumpers have left their bathroom ceiling fan on. It has been on for over an hour. I'm about to lose my mind. If they don't turn it off soon, I may be forced to put on some pants and finally go up there and meet them. I really don't want to put on my pants. Not to mention, I hate confrontation.

So there you have it. My whining and venting. There is so much more I'd love to say, but I'm keeping my mouth shut for now. If I stop here I still have a chance of convincing you that I really am a happy person, I'm just stuck in multiple frustrating scenarios right now. You know what I mean?

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