Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Today was one of the reasons that God/man invented the power bar.

I've often said that if you want me to get one thing done, give me ten things to do. If you only give me one thing, it will never get done.
Give me ten things to do, and I'll finish eleven by lunch, plus have time for a Diet Dr Pepper break.
That's just how I roll.

Or better yet, that's just how I juggle.

Things I did today-
Organize/sell tickets for the big "Saratov Approach" premiere in DC on Thursday. (only a few left till we sell out!)
Found a venue for the awesome Mindy Gledhill to play in DC! (Monday, March 10- it's happening people!)
Arranged for the "Saratov Approach" to show at SVU!
Realized I should promote the Mindy gig at the Saratov gig.
Bought an awesome present for my nephew
Discovered and took advantage of Amazon Local. (And will get a massage for $30 as a result.)
Bought tickets to see the Dalai Lama speak.
My regular full-time job, where I was a firehose of productivity. 
Cleaned my carpets with special allergy stuff

And I still have much left to do tonight.

I'm already looking forward to bedtime.
Which reminds me- I've started using sleep apps on my iPhone. The app magically monitors you in your sleep and tells you how "effectively" you slept. Somehow this makes me feel like I've accomplished something while sleeping. This is probably a bad trap for me to fall into [feeling like I must be productive in my sleep], but I like it for now.

Just a few more days of this craziness... and then I sleep!

Erin Ann McBride is a writer, dreamer, and single woman. 
By day she works in marketing, and by night she hunts unicorns and writes romantic novels, You Heard It Here First, and the sequel This Just In! 
She accepts new friends daily at https://www.facebook.comAuthorErinAnnMcBride

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