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the whinings and ramblings of a crazy woman

I'm looking forward to this day ending. It hasn't been my favorite day. Bad (wretched really) customer service, less than stellar news, frustrating developments, and an overly sensitive imagination.
Oh and the scale lied to me.
I think I mentioned I've been on the Paleo diet for a few weeks now. While I was in Roanoke over the weekend I didn't want to make anyone go to any extra troubles for me, and I ate what was available. I didn't try to stay gluten free.
That was a mistake. A big one. And it is taking a few days to reset my guts. I can't begin to tell you how unenjoyable this is.
And yet somehow the scale lied to me today and said I have gained 7 lbs in the past week.  (If true, I would weigh almost as much as I did at my highest weight ever. Which is definitely not the case.)
I'll be visiting the scale again in 48 hours to see what nonsense it wants to tell me then. 
But I digress.
I have an overly sensitive imagination (to go along with my overly se…

Adversity and Joy

I have a dozen different thoughts tumbling through my brain tonight. And as usual, my inner monologue wants to work out my problems by writing and blogging them out.

I was in Roanoke, visiting my family and friends, for the weekend. This is only the second time I've been back since I moved away last summer. I never expected to take this long between visits.

Naturally, as expected, lots of people asked how my job is going and how my life is turning out to be. It should be such a simple question, right? With a nice canned positive response ready to go!

But for me it isn't such an easy question. I try to fake it and give a happy answer the best I can, but it's hard to do.

Today at church the lesson was on adversity. (As usual, I chose to attend the young women's class with my "Baby Ducks.") The teacher did an excellent job teaching on the subject. She made a interesting and poignant point that the joy we feel after extreme adversity in our lives is a wonderful,…

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I thought that this week rather than post my favorite eShakti dresses and try and convince you they are awesome, I would do something different. The beauty of their site is that there is something for everyone there. So this week I thought I'd just post some screenshots of the new arrivals and let you see for yourself how many options there are.

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Singles Awareness Day

(Reprinted from Meridian Magazine, February 2012)

You didn't think I was going to let February 14 go by without acknowledging the most dreaded day of all singles, did you? Never fear, my single friends, I am here to commiserate with you! I will share my worst experience with you, but in return, I expect to hear your awful stories in the comments below. I will never forget my worst Valentine's Day ever, but to say that indicates that somewhere along the way I have had a good Valentine's Day. The truth is, even on the years where I had a boyfriend on February 14, I've never had a good, romantic, worthy of recording it in my journal, or even just calling my best friend, kind of day. I've had pretty much nothing but really lousy Valentine's Days. (Unless you count the year I was going through fire-fighting school and I got to rappel down the side of a burning building, getting the best time in my class, as a good day.) No, I've had some pretty rotten V-days. I'…

Integrity in Dating

(Reprinted from Meridian Magazine, August 2011)

Integrity in dating. Is it an oxymoron or the ultimate challenge? Many will argue that all is fair in love and war, but if that is true, are you compromising your integrity for a fun Friday night? By definition, integrity is the “adherence to moral principles; honesty. Or, “unity, wholeness.” Dating is fraught with misunderstandings, hidden activities, facades, intentions good and bad, and oftentimes, straight up deceit. And we do it all in the pursuit of love. It is ironic, isn't it, that the pursuit of one of the most wonderful feelings and emotions in the world, can create so much pain and sorrow? This is why dating with integrity is so important- to eliminate hurt feelings and confusion as much as possible. Individuals must make it a priority to bring honesty and good communication into their dating. This includes focusing on honest communication regarding not only who they are as a person, but their intentions, commitments, and …

There Are More Singles Today Than Ever Before - Here's Why

(reprinted from Meridian Magazine, December 2011) Have you noticed how there are more singles today than ever before? As I look around I start to notice how I'm not the only single left from the group I grew up with. In fact, of the group of youth I went through high school with, I can't help but notice that about half of us are still single. I wondered at first if this had something to do with our common backgrounds? But as I looked around closer I started to realize, we're not alone. There really are a lot more singles than there used to be. In fact, singles have  increased quite a bit in the population across the United States. The latest data show that single adults now almost outnumber married adults. Within a few more years, the majority of adults in the United States over 18 will be single. The Pew Research Center study on marriage says, that the median age for marriage is now at its highest level as more young people put off tying the knot to co-habitate instead. L…

I do things. And then I think.

After looking at my Netflix DVD queue, I've had an epiphany about myself: It's entirely possible I have a type- of movie, that is. And many other things as well. Particularly men. English ones that is.

I can't stop daydreaming about moving to the English countryside, living in a little cottage, and being a full-time writer...

But then I notice just how often people in British TV shows and films are wearing long wool jackets and scarves, and how they do this on EVERY show, and I reconsider.

But wouldn't I be great as a writer in England? Maybe Scotland...

I've been learning other things about myself recently too. Like how much willpower I have. Or how much better I feel when I'm gluten-free and corn-free. And how sometimes it doesn't matter that I feel so much better, I still really, really want certain bad for me foods!

And I've really come to learn the cold hard truth about the joke I always make- if you want me to get something done, give me 10 thing…

Of Duct Tape and Band-Aids

Last week I brain dumped on Juli about the 500 things I had going on that day. Her response, "I'm over here whining that I accidentally ordered the same lunch again today."
For some reason that made me realize I need to stop brain-dumping on people. I like being busy. I thrive on it. I've often said that if you give me 1 thing to do, I may never get it finished. If you give me 10 things to do I'll have it all finished before lunch plus have time for a Coke break.
And whether or not that is healthy, it's true.
But very few people can see that I'm not whining or even bragging about my 500 things. If anything, saying them aloud just helps me keep track of it all. 
In the past few weeks I've had more to do than I've had to do in years. And I'm not exaggerating. I haven't been this busy or active in so long that I can't remember the last time I was like this.
And I love it. I really do prefer to have a zillion things going on. My brain ne…