Monday, February 10, 2014

I do things. And then I think.

After looking at my Netflix DVD queue, I've had an epiphany about myself: It's entirely possible I have a type- of movie, that is. And many other things as well. Particularly men. English ones that is.

I can't stop daydreaming about moving to the English countryside, living in a little cottage, and being a full-time writer...

But then I notice just how often people in British TV shows and films are wearing long wool jackets and scarves, and how they do this on EVERY show, and I reconsider.

But wouldn't I be great as a writer in England? Maybe Scotland...

I've been learning other things about myself recently too. Like how much willpower I have. Or how much better I feel when I'm gluten-free and corn-free. And how sometimes it doesn't matter that I feel so much better, I still really, really want certain bad for me foods!

And I've really come to learn the cold hard truth about the joke I always make- if you want me to get something done, give me 10 things to do, or I'll never get anything done. I've taken on a bunch of responsibilities lately, and I've never been more productive. I really do prefer to be completely crazy busy, than to have just a few bits to do.

For instance, about a month ago the idea hit me to participate/walk in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Knowing how I am prone to flights of fancy, and I'm a bit ADD, I decided not to fork over the money that would commit me to the walk. (First you pay $50 just to register, and then you have to train for the 30 mile walk, and raise $1,200! Really, this isn't a decision to make on a flight of ADD crazy.) I decided to wait a month and see if I still felt compelled to do it.

And well, I do. I can't explain it. I really do feel compelled to do this walk. I have no idea how I am going to come up with the funds. Or how I will actually convince myself to train. (I'm actively recruiting friends to join me! Who wants to walk 30 miles with me? And raise lots of money?) But here it is a month later, and I'm still thinking about doing this. I've even started making small changes to my diet (gluten-free, corn-free, sugar-free, pretty much all paleo), and wearing my pedometer-thingy around. Hey, if a hobbit can walk that far, so can I, right?

Yeesh. I really am a nerd sometimes.

Okay, time to stop blogging and return to that life that keeps making me do things. Like plan a singles conference. And write books. And plan marketing campaigns. And walk 2 extra miles every day. And balance checkbooks. And pay bills. And fix transmissions. And, and, and...

And watch more English films. (Brownie points if you figure out what 4 of those films have in common, other than being entirely posh and British.)

Erin Ann McBride is a writer, dreamer, and single woman. By day she works in marketing, and by night she hunts unicorns and writes romantic novels, “You Heard It Here First,” and the sequel “This Just In!” She accepts new friends daily at https://www.facebook.comAuthorErinAnnMcBride

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