Monday, March 03, 2014

Religion and Social Media Survey


Did you know I am working on one of the biggest, most important, and most challenging projects I've ever set out on?
It's true. I've been thinking about it for ages now, and have been making many small wheels in motion, and have recently gone public with my huge project.
I'm writing a [non-fiction] book on how religion is shared and received via social media. This book is requiring a ton of research, documentation,and writing. It's an exciting challenge for me to write something like this without someone else holding me accountable. (I write pretty tough e-books for my employer that require research and documentation all the time. But I've got a lot of people holding me accountable for that.) This one is all on me, if I want to make it happen.
I'm sure we've all seen some really bad uses of social media to share religious (or political) views. And you may have even seen some good uses of it. But I have this theory that a lot of people think they are doing excellent missionary work, or evangelizing, when really they are just preaching to the choir, whilst alienating their target audience.
I'm not setting out on this project just to point out all the annoying and bad uses of social media (think Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest primarily), but also to help educate and improve the use of social media. If you really want to evangelize and get your message to the right audience, there are certain things you need to be doing. And I want to write that book that helps teach those important things.
But I also think there is a lot to be said for just analyzing and understand why people do what they do on social networks. I think there will probably be some really fascinating statistics out there on this subject.
But here's the problem- there aren't any really fascinating, professional studies done yet. I've found some very biased and sponsored studies that don't prove anything. But no one has done the research I need (yet).
So I'm doing it myself.
I've started my own semi-professional survey on how people are, or in many cases are not, using social media to share their beliefs, and how other people perceive and receive those efforts.
I invite you to take my survey on social media and religion - even if you've never tweeted, Facebooked, or pinned in your life. All users and non-users are relevant here.
I won't be closing the survey until I've received over 1,000 responses. (And I've only barely broken 100 so far.)
Please feel free to share the survey everywhere and anywhere, if you feel so inclined. The more diverse the responses, the better.
Click here to take the survey -

I really do appreciate any and all responses to the survey. It is completely anonymous, although there are some important demographic questions in it.

If you still need some convincing think of this way- if you have ever unfollowed or unfriended someone online because they post too many annoying things about their religious view (or political - much of this will apply both ways) online, this new book and project could help eliminate that. But first I need more data and insights into how and why people say and share what they do online.

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