Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Will the Sun Come Out Tomorrow? I'm Seriously Starting to Wonder.

Today as the bitter cold wind was whipping my face and I dodged yet another melting snow pile, the thought occurred to me - what if this never ends?
What if this is the beginning of the end of the world, and the first sign is a winter that never ends?
(I have an active imagination sometimes, work with me here.)
I didn't go the religious "am I prepared" route, nor did my mind wander to the zombie route (and likely never will - I just don't get the zombie craze). No, I wandered to the "how long could I survive in a never-ending winter" route.
Could I survive in a world where the seasons suddenly became erratic and unpredictable? What if the sun stopped shining? (It feels like that already here.) What if I never got to wear flip-flops again?
It was a depressing thought, I tell you.The horror.
This apocalyptic never-ending winter is pretty much my worst nightmare.
I can say without hesitation, that given my current circumstances (no job, no daily responsibilities), that the only thing logically holding me back from just throwing my dog and a tent in the car and driving as far south as I can get, is the problem with my car. (My car broke down a while back, and I've been driving my parents' Suburban ever since. It gets about 10 miles to the gallon. You'd be surprised how much of a deterrent a $100 gas tank can be.) If my little, gas efficient, easy to handle car were in running condition, I'd be halfway to Key Largo by now.
I do love Key Largo. Beautiful place.
Where is the sun? Where is the warm?
Do I need to send an S.O.S. in a bottle?
What if this is the beginning of the end?!

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