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What a Week

I'm back!
I enjoyed a long and fun trip to the beach with friends. It was the "annual spontaneous gathering of Mormon singles at Duck Beach" for somewhere around the 30th year in a row.
As usual, our house was incredible, the friends were desirable, the food fantastic, and a good, wonderful time was had by all. (And there were some pretty intense Phase 10 games, made even more entertaining by spontaneous outbursts of song, that I may never stop laughing about.)
And somehow I've also kept up with the tradition of coming home from the beach with a nasty head cold. I have no idea how that happens every single year. It's one tradition I wouldn't mind killing off.
I read a ton, got a decent tan, and even got some good writing done. My goal was to meet Maslow's first 3 levels of needs, and relax, so that I could reach the top 2 levels, and find my creativity again. It took a few days, and I fell victim to lots of fun distractions repeatedly (for which I hold n…

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs or Why I Hate the Word Funemployed

I've been thinking a lot about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs lately. Specifically, in relation to creativity and unemployment.
The truth is, I don't recall much about studying Maslow's Hierarchy in school, possibly because I never took any psych classes. (I was a political communications and broadcast journalism major. I can tell you all about Lasswell's theories of communications. I won't tell you how many years it took for me to realize that Maslow and Lasswell were two different things. And yet, you'd be surprised how many similarities they share.) But I digress.
I hate the word "fun-employed." Lest you think this refers to people who love their jobs, it doesn't. It's a completely inaccurate way to describe unemployment. It's far from the truth. There's nothing fun about unemployment.
In fact, most unemployment is a struggle to meet Maslow's first two levels of needs. In theory, most people have that third level. (Except a si…

Why Is Everything so Beautiful?

I'm visiting Roanoke for a few days, taking a much needed break from reality, and my normally scheduled life. I've been busy, busy, busy, ever since arriving here on Friday. I plan to stay 1-2 more days to work on a huge project, distraction-free. Or at least I hope it's distraction free. We shall see.

Yesterday was "church prom" for my "baby ducks." (For those just tuning in to this blog in progress, the baby ducks are the young women from my church in Roanoke that I worked with and took to girls camp a few times. They love their nickname, and I use it often.) Church prom is an alternative to school prom. They still get all dressed up in their fancy dresses, and some girls even take dates. But there are standards for the dresses (nothing too short, too revealing, and shoulders must be covered). From what I've heard the kids really prefer church prom because "no one at school knows how to dance." At church, the kids have been going to dan…