Thursday, June 12, 2014

So Call Me, Maybe

I can't believe I have to resort to this. But the blame really lies on Sprint, not me.
If I want my Sprint bill to go back down to what it used to be, I "get" to pimp myself out to you now.
So if you are currently a Sprint customer, or for some reason want to become one, (I actually have had nothing but good experiences with them until the new "Framily" pricing came out), you get to join the Sprint "Framily" plan.
Basically it goes like this.
I give you my code (N99989041jU) and you add it to your plan, and we both get $5 off our bill. The more people you get to join your own code, more $5 off you get. In my case, I have to get 7 people to use my code to get my bill back down to what I used to pay for the same exact service.
Doesn't make sense, does it.
Our plans are not linked.
Our bills are not linked.
Basically think of it as we are both using the same coupon code.
If and when you renew your Sprint plan, they will force you over to the Framily plan. They will then, in theory, go through all of your contacts, and see if anyone in your phone already has a code. If so, you automatically get put on it. However, this doesn't always work, because not all phone plans are in the right person's name, now are they?
Anyway, I share this code (N99989041jU) because it helps both you and me, if you are a Sprint customer.
Feel free to use it. 

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