Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things You Don't See in the U.S.

Just a few of the pictures I took around Eastern Europe of things you just don't see in the States. 
This was a mini-mart/7-11 type of store (0-24 indicates that it's a nonstop, open 24 hours store), that sells chicken. Every time we passed it, I thought it looked like there was a giant turd on top of the chicken's finger.

A contacts vending machine I found in the Moscow airport.

At a "beach" in Belgrade, Serbia (a dammed off river area), this ginormous water bottle (easily 3 stories tall, maybe more) was also a water spout/fountain. Most original marketing gimmick I have seen in a long time.

Just a random kid out walking her Shetland pony on the sidewalk. (Which begged the question, was it really a Shetland pony? or some other breed of midget pony?)

This was my hotel room in Timisoara, Romania. No sheets on the beds. Just this oddly folded blanket/comforter. And everything was folded into triangles.

Pepper cream cheese? (which, by the way, we ordered, and was exactly that- cream cheese with paprika and pepper in it). Grilled "chilly" pepper? I do love poorly translated English!

I didn't mean to buy this. I was attempting to ask if some chocolate candies were chocolate covered pomegranates. I kept point at this can and then at the candy. Next thing I know, I've purchased the drink, and not the candy. It was absolutely disgusting. Little floaty bits of aloe jellies in it. So gross. 

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