Tuesday, September 09, 2014

It's all good

Life is happy, life is good.
Life is incredibly busy and stressful.
The closer we get to the Northern Virginia Midsingles Conference, the crazier things are going to get. It's consuming my life these days. The number of details that can be planned out six months in advance, and then fall apart 4 weeks before the event are staggering to me. But we carry on! We're gonna get this thing done!
Earlier today I posted on Facebook how I had over 4,200 email in my yahoo inbox. I now have over 4,300. It's insanity.
There's more than just the singles conference going on. I am helping promote Mindy Gledhill's show, plus arrange for an exclusive film showing the day after the singles conference. And I'm trying desperately to apply for as many jobs as possible, make some money, balance some clients, and other things as well.
I've said it many times in the past, and I'll say it again- I'd much rather be crazy busy than crazy bored. I like this kind of crazy. It makes me feel useful.
I almost forgot my biggest piece of news!
I signed a book contract with Cedar Fort Publishing to publish my book, "Sharing the Gospel through Social Media." The book is no longer for sale now. I'll be working with them for the next several months to beef it up and rewrite some parts. It will be published, rebranded, and back up for sale in one year.
It's very exciting to have a book contract again. It brings some validation to the idea that maybe, possibly, I'm a half-decent writer. And reminds me that I'm pretty good at social media too. This book really is the culmination of the three things I am- writer, social media, and Mormon!
Holding my signed publishing agreement!

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