Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Haley and Cam Prequel Story Now Available!

Finally! A new installment in the Haley and Cam series!
This 50 page prequel starts before "You Heard It Here First" and is a look into Haley's life before she met Cam. It's based on my personal experiences in Haiti, with a lot of truth, and a lot of fiction thrown in. Any characters with similarities to real persons living or dead are merely coincidental. Although I did name many of the characters after my real life cohorts that I served with.
The book cover is of me with one of the little "Haitian Princesses" I met in the pediatrics tent at Generale Hospital.
It was cathartic for me to use this short story as a way to tell my experiences in Haiti in a personal, yet objective and unemotional way. The story definitely comes from a special place in my heart and is an experience I've long wanted to share.
I hope you enjoy this standalone prequel. (You don't need to have read the other 2 books for this one to make sense.) And I hope it holds you over and gets you excited for the next book, "Coming Up Next" to be finished and released in the fall.

Get it for just 99 cents on Amazon today!
"Special Report: Prequel to the Haley & Cam Series" 

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