Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Operating Normally

Just getting ready for Star Wars to come out with a little cosplay, and rewatching all 6 films. Obviously.

In the past few weeks and months I have been making an effort to be more mindful of my own actions. To do this I take the time to review old blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, etc., and look for patterns and repeat behavior and emotions. (After all, blogging is the new journaling, or at least it was 10 years ago, right?)
If there is one thing I have caught on to it is my tendency to write out my busy-ness lists. I'm frequently a busy person, with 500 priorities at once, (followed by long dry spells), and tend to blog/share my list of current crazies.
I can't decide if this is good or bad. Should I keep doing it? I can't decide. I know why I do it. it's because that is what is on my mind- my 500 things to do that are outside the realm of normal, every day to-do. I rarely mention when life is average and normal. Or at least, I haven't done that in about 5 years.
Is the problem that I get into crazy states? Or is it a needed mental release to write it all out for my own sanity? I'm sure there is someone out there who thinks when I write it all out I'm bragging or something. I assure you, that's never it. If anything, I'm looking for commiseration.
This week I don't need commiseration. Things are completely crazy, but I'm loving every minute of it. I'm planning a wedding reception for a dear friend on Saturday. I haven't had a budget and time to plan an awesome party like this in a long time. This really is going to be a beautiful, memorable event. I can't wait!
My parents are leaving on their mission to Samoa in less than 2 weeks. Our family and household are in full mission prepping mode right now. It's an interesting mix of excitement, reluctance, urgency, and organization.
I'm the young women's organization president at our church/ward. That keeps me hopping right along. There's no end to all of the time, work, and effort that job requires.
I'm incredibly blessed to have some freelance work on my plate right now. It's all social media related, which has been a nice change of pace for me. Lately all I've done is writing/editing work, so it has been nice to re-submerge myself into social media. And it's just nice to have some work to do at all.
I'm still writing and working on various projects. I still have high hopes of starting a new business here in Roanoke sooner or later. (I just need about $20,000 more to make it happen.)
In other words, my life is in a constant change of flux and crazy, which is to say, all is operating normally.

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