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Special Report is FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow

"Special Report: Prequel to the Haley and Cam Series" is free on Kindle today and tomorrow. You don't have to have a Kindle to download it. The Kindle app is free to everyone and on nearly every device or phone. 
It's a 67 page look at the first time Haley and Cam met back in Haiti. And you get a glimpse of Haley's life before she fell out of the chair on live television. Some of the story is based on my real life experiences in Haiti, much of it is not!

A spark of freedom

Got into a very heated... "conversation" (I won't call it a full blown argument, because I never cared that we were in the conversation, but the other party may have felt it was a full throw down) with someone tonight. I had never met this person before. And for the record, he started it.
He made it very, very clear that he has strong political feelings about all refugees being evil. And how we shouldn't allow them into our country when (and I quote) "my buddy has to wait 4 months to get glasses at the VA hospital."
He was quite adamant that "all those liberals who say let them in, let them in" are fine with the government paying for it, but would "never let them into their homes."
(I silently laughed on the inside that I was being called a liberal. That was a first, for sure.)
I told him that I would be more than happy to allow refugees into my home. I told him how much I have donated and given to refugee aid programs.
His response was…

Old Dog, New Tricks

I started a new nearly full-time job about 5 weeks ago. It has been a very crazy five weeks. On the same day I got the job offer and a book contract. Both of which required a lot of time and focus for me. I hit the ground running with my new job, and within five days of being hired put on my first big event for them. You know how when you start a new job there is a little bit of lag time and slow periods while you ramp up and learn your new position? There has been none of that with this job. Instead, every day I get asked if I'm overwhelmed (yet), and how I'm coping. I admit, I much prefer jumping in head first like this, rather than weeks of boredom.  I get home from work, walk the dog, and immediately jump into some big huge project. Whether it's writing my own book ("When Books Fly" - which is now finished), editing a client's book, or keeping up with the never-ending duties of being the young women's president. Every single day of the last five week…

When Books Fly!

We have a winner! My next book will be out May 10, 2016!

I am more than a little happy to say that my final manuscript is finished and handed off to my editor. It's all Chelsea's problem now. I'll get to see the edited copy in a few months for a final review. But otherwise, this book is out of my hands. I look forward to seeing it next spring!