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And so it goes

Oh, hello Blog, I see I've been neglecting you again. Sorry about that. Well, sorry, not sorry. Sometimes I just don't care anymore.
But today I've got a gerbillion things on my mind, and the thought occurred to me to blog them. But then, most of them are private things that I don't want to share. What can I say? I confuse even myself sometimes.
In less interesting news, today I was forced to accept that I have yet again burned out another laptop keyboard. It's not all that surprising how fast I go through laptops considering how long I spend on the computer each day. I think 2 years was the longest I've managed to hold on to a laptop before having to upgrade again. I can't be sure, but I think this one is now going into its third year of life. Practically a dinosaur in my world. But alas, the keyboard is about to die on me again. I type so fast and hard that I literally kill keyboards. And it usually costs more to replace a keyboard than it would be to bu…

Goodbye, Sweet Kathy

A dear friend, cheerleader, mentor, and supporter passed away today. She was a woman I barely knew, and yet she had a profound influence on many of the professional choices. There are so many things I could say about what a wonderful woman she was. But mostly, I just want to say that I wish I had told her and thanked her for her incredible influence. I never did tell her what an important role model she was to me. And now I never can. And there is a huge painful hole in my heart tonight as a result.