Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesdays Only Come Once a Week

If you could hear the voice in my head when I say I hate Wednesdays, it would sound a lot like Indiana Jones when he says his iconic "I hate snakes" line. (Also, I sound a lot like Indy when I say "I hate snakes" too, come to think of it.)

I both love and hate Wednesdays. (I only hate snakes.) It's my marathon day. We all have them. But this one wipes me out every week. I go to work, and it's usually a very busy work day, come home, change clothes, go out walking with a friend (which is a priority exercise event for me), go run a few errands, and go straight to the church for youth night. (The errands are almost always related to youth night.) I get home, and usually have one or two things to do for other clients, and then just crash.

Today was no exception. I'm beat. I'm exhausted. But the crazies won't let up for a few more days.

I can make it to the end of this sprint, right? Right?

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