Monday, August 01, 2016

My European Adventure As Told By My Travel Pillow

Do people read blogs anymore? The analytics say yes, the engagement says no.
But for you remaining readers, hello! I'm home! By now you've probably noticed I was in Europe for the last few weeks. And what a crazy few weeks it was.
I was on tour with Clog America again. Some may question the wisdom in going on a European tour whilst unemployed. But for me it was a logical thing to do. I get to network, clear my mind, find new creativity, and more importantly, do some marketing for a worthy non-profit. I took over 2,000 photos and videos while on tour, and will soon have them turned into a few articles, and a few videos they can use for fundraising and recruiting purposes.
It's always an interesting adjustment going from solo and bored to living in close quarters with 40+ people to back to solo and bored. (And coming home to less than enjoyable circumstances.) I've been home 8 days and I'm still adjusting back to civilian life.
But adjusting I am.
You've seen the pictures from the trip, so I'm not going to bother giving a full travelogue. Does anyone want to read that stuff anyway? I doubt it.
But I will hit on some highlights that didn't show up in the pictures.
First, I LOVED my new Little Cloud Nine Travel Pillow. It may look completely bizarre, but it was a life saver on more than one occasion.

I am not capable of sleeping with those horseshoe pillow things around my neck on a plane. It just doesn't work for me. And I can't sleep with my head tipped back, mouth open, etc. Normally, I try to hunch over on my tray table and sleep that way on a plane. But if the person in front of you reclines... It's hard sleeping on planes! But this funny looking pillow did the trick for me. It stands up in your lap, and you sort of tip over into it. There is a "window" for you to look out, and another one for your hands to go into.
Sometimes I used it the prescribed way. Other times I rolled it up like a log, put it by the window of the plane/bus, and leaned into it. Bus? Oh yes. It's a trademark of Clog America tours. We travel a lot by bus. And this particular tour included an unexpected 20 hour bus ride. We had expected it to be 9-12 hours. But due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France, our trip took much, much longer than anticipated. And my funny little pillow saved the day for me and others. I had the foresight to grab it and my regular pillow and pull them up into the bus when the trip started (not knowing how long we would be in there). I used it for a while, but then when a friend told me she didn't have a pillow at all, I gave her the Little Cloud Nine Travel Pillow, and I used my Tempurpedic for the next 10 hours. (She rolled it up like a log and snuggled with it.)
On my flight home I had a whole row to myself! On both flights! (It's a travel miracle!) I was so tired on my first flight from Rome to Istanbul that I fell asleep before the flight took off, and the flight attendant had to wake me up when we landed. I had stayed up for about 23 hours, and walked over 10 miles in 97 degree heat the day before. When I say I was tired, I mean it! Somewhere on that flight, which I don't remember in the least, I lied down across all three seats, and used my travel pillow in log position. The flight attendant must have covered me up with a blanket, because there was one on me when I woke up. I slept hard core for my entire four hour flight and have no memory of it.
When I got to Istanbul I was still completely exhausted, and used my pillow again. I put it in my lap, and used it in the prescribed position. I fell asleep face forward in it for two straight hours in one very loud and noisy airport. I'm not complaining.
(Of course by then I had actually had plenty of sleep and barely slept on my 10 hour flight from Istanbul to Dulles. Sigh.)
You can't do that with a horseshoe pillow! Or those dinky little airplane pillows!
So, this is my travelogue for you - get yourself one of these awesome pillows!

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