Tuesday, August 02, 2016

So I lost a few pounds!

I haven't mentioned it here in a while, but hey, guess what? I lost some weight! Since December I'm down thirty pounds, but I'm still working on it. I've hit a plateau that seems rather hard to break. But hopefully I'll be back to losing soon. 

This picture surprised me a bit this week. You can really see the difference if you don't look at my awful hair and notice my waist instead. I actually look like I've lost some weight. (Woohoo!) And I owe it all to taking Contrave. I've tried for years to lose weight and nothing worked until I was prescribed Contrave by my doctor. 

But here's the thing. This picture was taken just 10 days ago. I love travel, but it is so hard on my body. I did a good job of not overeating (easier said than done when in France and Italy and surrounded by gelato). But the second my body is put under a new stress, like sleeping on a less than comfortable bed, or just traveling in general, I bloat up like a balloon! 

There is something to be said for the flattering shape of a dress. But I love my pink gingham dress. And usually it's really flattering on me. It's not a dress that generally adds ten pounds. (Even if Dillon (the guy in the pic) did say that the dress made it easy to "spot the blonde picnic dress" in a crowd.)

At my sister's wedding (4 years ago), I started out the day fitting into my bridesmaid's dress and shoes just fine. But by the end of the ceremony my feet were so swollen I could barely walk in my shoes back down the aisle. And by the end of the reception, I felt like I would burst out of my dress. 

Anyone know why that happens? Or more importantly, how to stop it? (Fun fact: whenever I do public speaking or sing, I have to take off my shoes. I do it subconsciously before I even take the stage/pulpit. I am incapable of performance with shoes on!) 

Just for fun, here's a before and after comparison, taken a few months ago. I've lost about another 10 pounds since the black dress picture was taken. The blue dress picture is a perfect example of a day where I was fine one minute, and then bloated up out of stress the next. I would never have worn such a clingy dress if it looked like that when I first put it on! 

The goal is to lose another 25 pounds still. I'm only halfway to my goal. It sure would help if I could figure out what makes me bloat up so very oddly. Thankfully it does go away after a few days. It just makes it hard to pack clothes for a trip not knowing how much water I'm going to retain! 

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