Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - not so bad

It's time to do the obligatory year end wrap-up post, right?
Although the memes of the world are all calling out 2016 as the worst ever, I have to admit, celebrity deaths aside, it was a pretty great year for me.
A year ago I was pretty miserable. I was working for a hag (but liked my job). I was depressed, overweight, and in a lot of constant pain. I enjoyed being the Young Women's president, and working with my Baby Ducks, but there were things going on behind the scene that were crushing my soul. And my friends all lived several hours away.
To put it mildly, life wasn't going my way.
Over the course of the year, and in no particular order, here's what changed-
Or more specifically, I started Contrave, a miracle drug that helped me lose over 30 lbs, and more importantly, took away my fibromyalgia pain. This one thing alone has made my life twenty times better. I can't begin to tell you, my dear blog, how much happier I am on Contrave.
I got a job in my actual field, working for a profitable company, and moved across the country for it.
I moved into my own beautiful apartment. Being on my own, taking care of myself, depending on no one but myself, and getting out of debt, and back on top means more to me than you'll ever know.
It's been a good year, what can I say?
For a while there I wondered if I was happier because the Contrave is an anti-depressant. There was no question that I was depressed over the past few years, and just barely holding it together. I told myself it was situational depression, and did what it took to tread water to get through it. Take away the awful situations, and the depression has gone away. (And the Contrave helped me tread water.)
All things said and done, I've endured more this past year than I ever expected. And I survived. I came out on top. I survived. And I'm happy.
I'm confident. I'm healthy. And I'm happy.
That's all.
Bring on 2017. 

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