Saturday, January 28, 2017

Midway Homestead Ice Castles. So many mixed thoughts on this. I came up here for a supposed singles activity. My first attempt in Utah to socialize with new people. Talk about a waste of time. Took 45 minutes to drive. Costs $18 to get in. And just like when I lived here 7 years ago, the singles activity was a bust. See, here wards or official groups don't plan the activities. It's usually just 2 girls with an idea. They put it on Facebook and invite the world. And usually the planners are getting a kickback. This time they just said buy tickets and show up. The tickets sold out. They said meet at the ticket office- which was closed because it was sold out. They said you buy a neon glow bracelet for $1 to help spot the group. I never did spot the group. Because how are bracelets going to be visible when everyone is wearing huge coats and gloves?? I saw a few random groups of girls I wondered about. Never spotted a bracelet. Walked around, enjoyed the ice castles, went down an ice slide, (got a cheer from strangers at the bottom- don't think adults were supposed to go down it), sat by a fire, and an hour later got bored enough to leave. Remembered all the reasons the LDS singles programs in Utah suck. (I will save my rant on why my singles congregation sucks for another day.) Meanwhile, I'm glad for the few friends I do have here. And that I love my job, and have no regrets about moving here. Just wish I had more opportunities to make more single friends. But that being said, I'm also very glad to be the kind of single adult that is perfectly happy with who she is, and with being single. #utah #ldssingles #snowhappens #icecastles


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