Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ever been so disappointed in a product you had to Instagram it? I really was looking forward to this cute red and white striped dress from @cozibearboutique. The reviews said it ran small, so I ordered a size up. The top picture is supposedly a dress in the same size. The lower dress is a size smaller. And yet.... This dress is running about 2 sizes small. And for some reason, mostly my serious disappointment because I really did want it to work out, I'm extra annoyed with it. I got it on a great deal from @veryjane. I've bought some great dresses from them, and some huge disappointments. Jane isn't too blame, since they're just a curated aggregate site (they don't make it- they sell other people's stuff at a great deal price). But it's starting to feel like they sell a lot of "boutique" clothing that isn't anything more than cheap clothes purchased from India or China, by someone selling. It out of their garage here. Because the sellers are unproven, the products can be very unreliable and disappointing. It may be time to just give up on Jane after this many let downs. 😥

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