Friday, May 12, 2017

Sometimes life throws you funny little curve balls.

Sometimes life throws you funny little curve balls. For instance, sometimes you hear that your favorite radio show, @waitwaitnpr is going to be in SLC for the first time in 17 years to do a live show. So you buy 2 tickets, because you have a specific friend you know would love to go to. First curveball- friend is out of the country this week. Second curveball- you bought the tix a few months ago, just to find out a few weeks ago you need to have a very minor, yet necessary surgery, and it had to be today. And I'd have to be totally intubated/knocked out for it. So do I go or sell the tickets? Silly question. Go. But I'd be unable to drive and may have to cancel at the last minute. Third curveball- figuring out just the right friend who would love the show too, and wouldn't blink when I explained the strings attached. And would still go without me if necessary. And @sarabnich was the perfect friend for the job. So do you go to a national radio show taping 6 hours after surgery and full of painkillers? I figured this could actually only make the show funnier. Fourth curveball, I may have been a little out of it, and told Sara to go to the U, (Kingsbury Hall), and not Abravnel Hall (downtown SLC). Thankfully we got there 30 mins early, figured out she shouldn't listen to me, and still got to the right place right on time. 😂 The show was totally worth it and hilarious. Loved it. Painkillers wore off just about the time we arrived, so I can say it was funny without the doped up caveat. Glad I went and have no regrets. And it was awesome to see Sara again as well. We laughed and talked and you would never know we haven't seen each other in 4 years. Bonus- I now know how to say charcuterie and manchego. And yes, I do realize I just switched from saying you to I, but I don't care. I've been reunited with my painkillers. And I have no regrets. #NPR #nprlife #sinussurgery #reallynotabigdeal #noregrets #thankyouCeleeseandMadiforhelpingmetodaytoo #petersagal has his own hashtag

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