Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Talk TV!

Another new TV season is upon us! I do love the first few weeks of a new TV season. This year will be very interesting and different though- I don't have a TV. But that won't stop me from catching only what I want to see on Hulu and iTunes. One of the more unusual parts of not having a TV means I don't see the commercials for the new upcoming shows. So I need your recommendations! Tell me what has looked interesting to you!

Shows I know I will be watching-
The Good Wife

Modern Family
The Office
30 Rock
Glee (I can't say this in my head without doing it in the silly high pitched shout voice from the show)

Shows I will try out, but may be breaking up with-
Grey's Anatomy (seriously- that season finale was a little too much for me. it is just a little too over the top sometimes.)
Law and Order: SVU (I'll at least be watching the premiere to see crazy Joan Cusack)
The Mentalist

Shows I will try a few more times, but I just don't know about
The Middle
Cougar Town

Shows if I had all the time in the world I'd give a chance to (or will someday watch on DVD or netflix)-
Covert Affairs
White Collar
Burn Notice

What is on your list and why?


  1. i LOVE NCIS

    i also watch The Mentalist and Burn Notice. Although Burn Notice won't be back up until November (I think) because they just had a new season over the summer.

    I also like The Big Bang Theory. It's just a funny .5 hour show.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Well, Eureka, White Collar, and Covert Affairs were summer shows, so they just ended. I like to use to watch shows I miss though.

    I love a lot of the shows you mention, but I won't be watching this season because I just started college again and don't have time between classes and homework and work and my family! Tonight is the last finale of my summer shows with the Flashpoint finale, which I'll probably actually watch tomorrow. I've finished out all my summer shows with Casttv, but I'm not even going to start on the fall shows because I just don't have the time! I'll just have to make due with knowing how they ended last season!

    BTW, I just found your site. I have 2 blogs if you want to check them out - and


  3. How in the world did you miss adding "The Amazing Race" to your line-up??!?!?! Or did I miss it? It's the best reality TV show! Try it out, if you haven't before!


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