Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cute nephew quote of the day

Porter, age 5

From my sister, Sisty Ugler:

I am sending the boys to a Christian day care on Thursdays and Fridays while the boys are off track and I am still in school.  The teacher there had the children think real hard about a question they would like to ask to God.  If there is one question you could ask him, what would it be?  
Porter asked, "If I don't like my Mom's dinner and I say 'no thank you', do I still have to eat it?"
PS- All my nephews and god-daughters are growing up too fast. I'm in the market for some newer, younger models. If you have a small, cute, preferably not walking or talking (but exceptions can be made), sized child in need of a fairy godmother to spoil it, I'm taking applications.

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