Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nook, Hunger Games, and Angry Birds

Angry Birds- if you don't get it, you don't get it. To those of you who get it I ask- do you ever feel guilty, like you are killing innocent little (albeit angry and vengeful) birds? I never feel bad about the grunting little pigs, but when it takes me twenty times to master a level, I do start to feel guilty about the birds.

Nook- I got to "open" a Christmas present early. And by that I mean I went to the store with Santa Mom to pick out the present. Originally the plan was to wait until Christmas morning to open the Nook. But since I had just finished the first book in the Hunger Games series (in paperback), and was absolutely dying to read the second book, the Nook was opened. I started book 1 on Saturday, and finished Book 3 on Wednesday. I didn't get much sleep all week, but I don't regret it! I LOVED the whole series. Actually, all but the last 20 pages of book 3. Team Peeta! (For other fan girls out there I offer you this- my first choice for Peeta, and my choice for Peeta who I admit is too old to play Peeta, but I still think he'd be perfectly cast.)
Also, can I just tell you how freaking amazing a Nook Color is? I LOVE MY NEW TOY!!! If you are considering one of these as a gift for you or someone else- trust me! Get it! I LOVE IT!
I love my Nook Color so much that I will even give you this link to get one-
NOOKcolor with Wi-Fi for just $249 plus Free Shipping -  Buy Now!


  1. AHHH Spoiler alert. I haven't read the 3rd book yet in Hunger Games!

  2. Sorry James! I took out my spoiler!


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